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This article was originally published in print on December 3, 2003"Eclipse represents the worst of Java" Lately, there's been a lot of guff spouted about how Sun isn't joining Eclipse. While I understand the bitterness aimed at Sun somewhat, I think that this particular brand of talk is counterproductive and, dare I say it, wrong. The talk tends to center around the concept of NetBeans and Eclipse using common technology, and I think this is misguided, and here's why. I really dislike Netbeans. I think it blows goats from here to Sussex, and considering that I live in the middle of the US, that's a lot of goats. Given the choice between NetBeans and... Notepad, I usually spend a minute pondering whether I can keep remembering to check extensions on filenames before realizing that I can, and I end up with sucky ol' Notepad instead of bothering with NetBeans. That sai... (more)

It Just Works

We tend to see the United States through a lens made up of its major population centers: New York; Los Angeles; Washington, DC; Miami; Atlanta; Chicago; and a few others. That's because these are the places that have things "going on," and as a result we get a skewed picture not only of what the United States is about, but of what the United States actually is. From this bird'seye view, you get the sense that America is all about urban angst, hip-hop, people crammed into shiny metal boxes. The truth, however, is quite different. Those things are part of America, to be sure, but t... (more)

A Long Road Ahead

Lately it's been easy to dislike Sun. Their JVM is slow; Sun ONE is certainly nowhere near the fastest J2EE application server; Forte, while capable, is far from what coders actually want to use if they want to write code in a reasonable amount of time; MS's constant marketing and technical assaults eat away at Sun's armor; Sun's stock (as of this writing) is roughly a dismal $4. All this adds up to a sad picture for Sun, the company that once proudly labeled itself as having put the "dot in dot-com." I've seen this reworded as "Sun put the black hole in dot-com," and that's diffi... (more)

We Need More Innovation

In my last editorial (Vol. 8, issue 6), I argued that we, as an industry, have too much innovation. We have solutions pouring out our ears, stuff we often don't need, yet we use it anyway. This month, I'd like to clarify that somewhat: we need more innovation. The seeds for innovation are already present: new projects are fertile ground. The problems are often unique, so the solutions that present themselves are individual as well. What's more, sometimes there's a better solution that's simply waiting for the right viewpoint in order to become obvious. New solutions often imply... (more)

Project Rave - First Thoughts

Yesterday, Sun made an early access version of Studio Creator (i.e., "Project Rave") available. I downloaded it for both of my normal development platforms (the SPARCle, running Solaris, and Windows) and gave it a go. On first impressions, Creator is meant to be a Web application development tool, from the looks of it. There's no mention of distributed APIs outside of the servlet environment and web services, although Web services do seem to be pretty deeply integrated. Further, the kind of Web applications it's designed to create are, specifically, JSF applications. This is good ... (more)